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rdang's Journal

14 May
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i talk fast and mumble when i'm nervous, confused, or excited
i'm quite reserved when i first meet someone, but i eventually open up
i'm actually quite loud, outgoing, and i guess you could say obnoxious at times
i think i smile too much (lol)
i act totally different around different people
i act really stupid and lame (take that as you will) around people i'm comfortable with
i believe in responsibilities, dependability, and dedication
there's a time to be professional and a time to goof off
i volunteer a lot of my time to others
i can be really critical and anal
i can get really impatient
i whine a lot, but i do what i have to do
oftentimes, i'm a horrible decision maker
i'm an overachiever with limits
i do a lot of things last minute, but i also like to plan things out in advanced
i'm pretty good at managing many responsibilities at once
i get really paranoid at times, like i think i'm always doing things wrong
i'm afraid of disapproval and disappointment
i think i'm one of the nicest people in the world (well, not mr. slattery nice), but you get my drift
i don't get mad often, but when i do it's for a good reason
sometimes when i say i'm okay, i'm lying
i have my "brokeback moments" (more of an inside joke, so don't look into that too much)
i <3 rachel leong